1. Google thinks I work at @donutbar. (at Donut Bar)

  2. My high school friend M digs up our old photos and here is a pic of me in the 9th grade. #1980s #LifeBeforeBowTies

  3. Here is the whole package from the #hathappyhour contest. #bowtie and candle from @lordwallington. Thanks! It’s a fantastic prize package.

  4. Package arrived yesterday from @lordwallington from the #hathappyhour contest.

  5. I am wearing the new @lordwallington tie from the #hathappyhour contest. #TieoftheDay (at St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral)

  6. The spacesuit is going to make me shoot the Doctor and I can’t stop it! #nasa #doctorwho #sdpride (at San Diego Gay And Lesbian Pride Festival)

  7. I participated in bi-visibility today. #sdpride (at Balboa Park)

  8. I marched with amBi this morning in the Pride Parade. (at San Diego Pride)

  9. Happy Pride in San Diego. (at Balboa Park)

  10. I’m wearing the last of my creations… For a while. #bowtie #downtownsandiego