1. Be very careful about walking on this block by 3rd & B. The pigeons love the corner of the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union. (at San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union)

  2. #TieoftheDay. #downtownsandiego (at San Diego City College)

  3. Google thinks I work at @donutbar. (at Donut Bar)

  4. My high school friend M digs up our old photos and here is a pic of me in the 9th grade. #1980s #LifeBeforeBowTies

  5. Here is the whole package from the #hathappyhour contest. #bowtie and candle from @lordwallington. Thanks! It’s a fantastic prize package.

  6. Package arrived yesterday from @lordwallington from the #hathappyhour contest.

  7. I am wearing the new @lordwallington tie from the #hathappyhour contest. #TieoftheDay (at St Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral)

  8. The spacesuit is going to make me shoot the Doctor and I can’t stop it! #nasa #doctorwho #sdpride (at San Diego Gay And Lesbian Pride Festival)

  9. I participated in bi-visibility today. #sdpride (at Balboa Park)

  10. I marched with amBi this morning in the Pride Parade. (at San Diego Pride)